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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Let's see, the introductory post...Here goes:

For short: call me SVM or whatever you want to call me

Star Trek experience:

Grew up watching TNG (and a side of DS9) in syndication and Voyager on UPN, when the TV happened to be on the show. When I saw "All Good Things.." in 1997 (I was in 5th grade), I cried when I learned that that was the last ep of the series.

In 1999, I started watching Voyager as an avid fan, making it a point to tune in every week. Disheartened that Voyager was gone after "Endgame," I didnt get into Enterprise until about season 3, but was left cold by the too-soon end and the "Temporal Cold War" arc

Since that time, I've had "On" periods; when I've gone searching through my satelite TV programing guide for brand-new-to-me TOS (great stuff, I learned) and unseen-by-me Voyager, & TNG; and "Off" periods, when I grew tired of watching and thus didnt watch.

What brought me to be fan enough to join these boards? For better, for worse: the Abrams movie (Which I'll post my thoughts on tomorow)

Where you may have seen me before:

I tried to register for the boards under my standard name, SacValleyDweller, but it wouldnt fit in the blank, thusly something close was in order, ergo, SacmtoValleyMan.

I have posted/am active on the folowing sites and was/am a fan of the shows they cover



Moonlight, New Amsterdam, The Dresden Files, Mentalist

Knight Rider (2008)
--(formerly active -- show canceled)

Humorous aside: It took me long enough to formulate/type this that I got timed-out and had to re-log in.
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