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Like sim walkig down a hall about 20 years old and we hear that he is very popular with the crew. HOw. The crew would not have known him. first day a Baby, second day a child, third day an adolescent ( am fairly ceertain that Phlox did not drag sim around the ship those thre days. so day four sim is a Teen apparently spendig rthe cday in sickbay taking apart and putting together equipment. Did Phlox drag him arond the ship to introduce him to the entire crew that evening? Doubt if he had the time.

So day five how could sim be very popular with a crew that would hot have known him.

Same with T-Pol. Sim would have only had face time with her on day five and day six and that probably would have been off and on maybe totaling hree or four hours total.

How could sim say that he had feelings for a woman he was barely aquainted with and she him.

so the scene where T-Pol is saying goodby she says the whole crew will miss him. the whole crew does not even know him how could they miss him. and she says she wil miss him too. Again she is barely acquainted with him.
This is what I was getting at when I mentioned that the crew's interactions with Sim are difficult to believe. This is exacerbated by the fact that everyone on the ship should have known that he was a clone created solely for the purpose of saving Trip. His seemingly tight connection is a little unbelievable.

That being said, I'm still going to give it another shot taking into account what everyone has said here. I definitely see some of the points for why this is such a great episode.
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