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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Heh, I knew there'd be a bit of controversy over this one. I was honestly expecting to come away from Descent II with the same reactions. In some ways, The Homecoming clearly is a better episode, as it's much more tightly directed and more enjoyable from start to finish. However, I find it lacks the same emotional impact as Descent, mostly due to the fact Homecoming is primarily set-up, whereas Descent is payoff. Of course, if you've never much cared for Data, then Descent is much ado about nothing, but he was still a very popular character at that point, so head-to-head as viewed way back in 93, I'd give the edge to TNG in this case.

Week 2: (Ending 10.03.93)
TNG: Liaisons (Airdate 09.27.93)
DS9: The Circle (Airdate 10.03.03)

OMG! Is this technically the first instance in Trek of a man-on-man kiss? I suppose the Iyaarans might be asexual, but they sure seem to be male here. Huh, oh the episode itself? Eh, alright. A couple amusing bits, not much in the way of suspense (the Picard stuff didn't really grab any traction, which may have been the point considering Voval didn't understand what he should be doing). Just a 'there' kind of show. These TNG 'diplomatic' episodes are almost always dull, sadly.

The Circle is just awesomeness from start to finish. Well, okay, the 'big' action climax (Kira's rescue) was kind of ham-fisted, but they were probably running short on time, and they needed to fit in more wicked political intrigue.

So, after a tight -and questionable- opening round (week) win, TNG gets solidly knocked out by DS9 in round (week) two. Can the veteran stymie the new kid's current momentum and make a comeback in the next round?

Weekly Winner:

TNG - Interface
DS9 - The Siege
DS9 Versus
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