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Re: Similitude

Frankly, the only thing that surprises me is that it was only No. 3 in the poll.

I love Similitude, it's my absolute favorite episode (Connor's too, BTW).
Yeah the science is silly but the story is amazing.
What right do you have to create a human being just for the purpose of harvesting parts?
And how do you decide when one life is more precious than another?
Sim was such a sympathetic character, sweet, vulnerable (an amazing performance by Connor who was challenged to create a character who is Trip and yet not Trip).
The score is beautiful.
The acting was superb.
Favorite scenes:
Archer and Sim in Trip's quarters and in the sh'pod bay.
Sim with Porthos.
T'Pol's goodbye.
Sim's final scene with Phlox was magnificient. It just breaks my heart every time (I have a script of Similitude and had Connor autograph the page where that scene takes place. I'll be seeing John Billingsley at Creation, N.J., this summer to get his autograph too ).
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