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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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I agree that some shots from 2001 don't hold up as well today as they did in 1968, but the film remains a classic, and in my mind, no remastering could improve upon Kubrick's vision.
The only shots that don't really "hold up" in 2001 are the acid trip shots between the "Star Gate" sequence and the bedroom sequence. Those are shit.

Everything else, including the Moon-having-Earth-gravity-which-they-really-couldn't-avoid-without-twice-the-budget shots, hold up really well, and shine like a star in most HD broadcasts I've seen as of late.
It is a classic from beginning to end, and theres no question of remastering the kubrick's vision but there are the occasional scenes that just standout as the best of 150 bad takes. The whole video phone sequence in particular gets my goat with the disinterested daughter and the 2D rotating vista drag me right out of the film everytime.

We're off topic anyway. This was meant to be about remastering TNG. Other than the cost, which isn't really the concern of any us, why shouldn't it be done? Why the strops and tantrums whenever its suggested that something is changed or, dare I say it, Improved?

TNG is not sacred, its not evperfect the way it is. I can think of a thousand subtle modifications that could be done to improve the appearance and flow of the series. Whatever the series might be, its not supposed to be a static record of what 80s/90s popular TV was like. If its left as it is it will be forgotten in ten years by everyone except the members here.

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But why keep the same shots? The same timings? Battle sequences could have more action. Engineering could be buzzing with energy...
We're not talking about a Lucasian "special edition;" we're talking about remastering the series to be watchable in HD.

Besides, stuff like reworking the effects shot composition and timings would be next to impossible without a motion-picture effects budget, and even then, you'd run into problems like trying to cut and time the effect sequences before the music score changes or the frame dissolves (the latter of which remains a huge problem for TOSR, and they're only solution is to jump to the new VFX sooner, which kills the presentation.)
Every effect shot would need to be reworked to meet the HD standard. New HD CGI ships, planets, replicator, transporter, phasers, photon torpedo, shields. Everything, from scratch. The original film, edited and composited and composted and whatever else they have to do, from scratch. To stand any chance of being effective, each episode would be a new cut. It would be expensive but I don't see how a motion picture effects budget would be required.

It would have to be treated as a brand new series, but with principle photography completed 20 odd years earlier. Theres an opportunity here, and it would serve no-one to do a scene for scene update when each fx shot has to be recreated from the bottom up anyway.

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