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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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I would re-do the shots of 2001 because some of them were shit. The inside of the space station for example. Part excellent, part odd set. I would augment the original piece with extended interiors and 'realistic' windows. If I was feeling flush I'd also edit out the habitat furniture too and replace it with Ikea.
Gee-zus. 'some of them were shit'

With all the people I've really disliked here down (LOTS!) through the years, I don't think I've ever bothered putting anyone on the IGNORE list before. But those five sentences are off-the-charts enough for me to set a precedent.

You get to go on the IGNORE list.

So because a perfectly valid opinion, (that rotating moon shot in the phone booth being an especially convincing shot ) offends your misguided pretentions, and despite the jestful tone toward the end, yes I'd really go for Ikea furniture in a 21st Century lounge, you feel the need to tell everyone that you're ignoring me. Are your arms folded too? You must be a real blast at parties. Sanctimony is highly regarded these days you know.

I won't expect a reply though, cos you're ignoring me

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