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Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Remake... Without Joss

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Whoever came up with this idea should go back and watch what the Kuzuis came up with the last time they tried to do a Buffy movie.
It does remind me of Kevin McClory's endless attempts to remake Thunderball.
Or Dean Devlin still, after 12 years, trying to make his original vision for a Stargate sequel that completely ignores the TV series.

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It saddens me that nobody involved with the show became movie stars. James Marsters has only done TV guest spots and Dragonball. Angel (can't spell his last name) and Alyson Hannigan are TV regulars on modestly successful TV shows.

[...]I really expected Hannigan to blossom into a beloved movie actress. I was disappointed that after her brief time in the spotlight in the "American Pie" series, all she did was (ugh) "Date Movie".

I can't believe Sarah Michelle Gellar hasn't been in anything really good since 1999. It looks like the only movies she was in that were half decent were "Scream 2" and "Cruel Intentions"...but they weren't exactly masterpieces and she only had a cameo in the former. It's like the cast and crew of the show have the same curse that seems to follow most Star Trek actors after their Star Trek career ends.
Well, Michelle Tractenberg has had some film success with movies like Euro Trip & Ice Princess.

And while most of the actors haven't become huge stars, they do seem to be working steady, often getting regular TV gigs. Nicholas Brendan was a regular on Kitchen Confidential. Alyson Hannigan is on How I Met Your Mother. Charisma Carpenter had a recurring role on Veronica Mars. Anthony Stewart Head was a regular on Manchild in the U.K. David Boreanaz is the co-lead on Bones, a very solid success on FOX. Seth Green has, of course, gone on to all kinds of crazy stuff, like Family Guy, Greg the Bunny, & Robot Chicken. James Marsters played recurring baddies on Smallville & Torchwood. J. August Richards was a regular on Conviction. Amy Acker had some recurring roles on Alias & Dollhouse. Vincent Kartheiser is a regular on Mad Men. I'd certainly say they have a better track record than most former Star Trek actors (with the big exceptions of William Shatner & Patrick Stewart).
And let's not forget Amber Benson's guest shots on Cold Case, The Inside and Private Practice, as well as starring roles in the Lifetime movies Holiday Wishes and 7 Things to Do Before I'm Thirty, and her roles in indie films like Strictly Sexual and One-Eyed Monster.
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