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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Spending money is a key component of making money. Re-editing and upgrading TNG would be expensive, but it would only involve the post production element. No scripting, directing, filming, acting, set building, production crew etc to pay for. Just the raw film ready for the editor. I'd watch it. Might even buy it if they did to my flavour.
Spending money is only "a key component of making money" if the money that is later received represents a reasonable profit margin over what is spent. Completely overhauling 180 episodes of a television series is not likely to yield a sufficient rate of return to justify the expense -- or, more importantly, to justify spending the money on that project versus a project which would yield a higher rate of return.
I'm not in the industry so I can't do the numbers, but it is solely the numbers that will decide whether the project goes ahead. No other factor will be accounted. On DVD sales alone, I can't see a profit, but TNG is on TV everyday of the year, the stations would buy it. Whether that is enough I cannot say, but I was primarilly challenging the medieval objections based on some loyalty to VHS, decrying any heretic that might enjoy their TNG differently.

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Every special effect devised from scratch. New angles, different timings, different emphasis, different score.
Wrong. Same angles, same timingsbut only done in CG and rendered in High Definition 1080p. Music would stay the same.
But why keep the same shots? The same timings? Battle sequences could have more action. Engineering could be buzzing with energy. The outside shots reflecting what the story wants us to believe. 'External' shots filmed in the studio could have real depth. Data's cat could be one sex and species throughout. The NX01 could take its place on the riefing room wall. The whole thing could look like it was filmed yesterday, or tomorrow. Why do scene for scene when some of those scenes were compromises anyway? Treat it like a brand new show and get a brand new audience.

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