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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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For the love of god, NO!
Well I'm glad your type of reasoning didn't prevail when fire and the wheel made their debuts.

Captain Euphoria wrote: View Post
How about just leave it alone as is? TNG was presented in standard definition video. That's how it's SUPPOSED to look. That's how it DOES look. Why not just release full seasons on single Blu-Ray discs and let the Blu-Ray players do the upconverting? I know it's not the same as full HD (believe me, I'm a stickler for this) but that's how the show looks. That's how I remember it looking. Why re-do it? Would you want to re-do the special effects for 2001 simply because you can? What about the old Muppet Show? That was recorded and edited on video tape and it looks exactly like it should -- like it was MADE. Why spend the money?
Its not supposed to look like that, it just does, for now. The very best thing about TNGr is that it would have to go through post production again in its entirity. Every special effect devised from scratch. New angles, different timings, different emphasis, different score. Each episode really could feel brand new. Some errors and inconsistencies could be removed. Greater detail on the outside of the side, no more repetitive stock footage. Every missed opportunity could be taken. Why the objection? Why the fear?

Yes, I would re-do the shots of 2001 because some of them were shit. The inside of the space station for example. Part excellent, part odd set. I would augment the original piece with extended interiors and 'realistic' windows. If I was feeling flush I'd also edit out the habitat furniture too and replace it with Ikea.

Spending money is a key component of making money. Re-editing and upgrading TNG would be expensive, but it would only involve the post production element. No scripting, directing, filming, acting, set building, production crew etc to pay for. Just the raw film ready for the editor. I'd watch it. Might even buy it if they did to my flavour.

But as time goes on, and the diehard fans actually croak, the powers that be will have to decide between a Remastering or a wake, but as it stands, inlight of the new stuff coming along, TNG looks about as interesting as a big box marked 'Empty'. Personally, I'd love to watch it all again, as if it were new, not knowing everyline, every scene and musical note. A scene for scene remake would be boring and a wasted opportunity.
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