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Re: John Connor's existence POLL

Nah, check that link from the last page. The gist would have to be:

Sarah has a kid (boy or girl, name not important) who grows up to be a leader in the resistance. Skynet sends someone back to kill her before the kid grows into the leader. For Connor to send someone back in time to oppose the Terminator, it has to have already failed. Most likely, it *kinda* failed. It came back to 1984, made an attempt on Sarah, and she got away, and had a kid while in hiding. Eventually, the Terminator finds her and kills her, but the kid still grows up to lead the resistance. follow THAT future back to 2018 (or 2029, or whenever), and Connor (but not OUR Connor) sees the Terminator go back to do that again. He (or she) now decides to try and send someone to protect their mother, and sends Kyle. This is where the train goes off the rails, and into the loop. Kyle, in the process of saving Sarah, replaces Connor's father with himself, and that creates John. Also creates a future where Skynet comes into existance earlier than they normally would.

In this loop, Skynet decides to try and kill Sarah, and John knows that he has to send Kyle to save her, because she's already told him that's how it happens. Round and round we go.
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