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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Here we go again, starting with S2 for DS9. TNG, still the King of the castle, is entering its 7th and final season. On the horizon is B5's first season, though not until January. Also, there was the debut of another show trying to get a piece of Star Trek's success; however, instead of trekking in stars, this one was about questing in the sea. (sorry, not going to do a Versus with this one ) All in all, television sci-fi was looking to be a lucrative business going into the fall of '93. Let's see how Trek's two shows fared against each other with their season premiers...

Week 1: (Ending 09.26.93)
TNG: Decent Part II (Airdate 09.20.93)
DS9: The Homecoming (Airdate 09.26.93)

The Borg were useless and a total waste. Could have been generic goons hired by Lore, or perhaps mini-androids he constructed. Oh, the idea of Lore 'helping' Hugh's bunch had some potential, but the meat of this episode centred around Data and Lore's relationship -that was good stuff- not these Borg. They didn't even seem to be that much of a threat; even their big ugly ship was outwitted by a modified version of the Kurn Maneouver (see Redemption Part II); it's destruction was anti-climatic given how much of a big deal it was set up to be in the first part. Was this second part a let down though? Eh, not really. As soon as Lore was revealed at the end of the first part, it became quite obvious this would be about him and Data, and it's a fitting, satisfying conclusion to their story, with one loose end (the emotion chip) hinting at potential future stories.

DS9's premiere is definitely more bold (in a quiet way), in that it's primarily a set-up episode for the Circle Trilogy (did anyone know this was to be a trilogy at the time? I can't recall). Still, it has a good self-contained story surrounding Li Nalas' return to Bajor, plus the revelation that not only he feels he's a fraud, but Sisko points out that he is still needed as a symbol. The Homecoming is quite understated for a season premiere, with the highs coming off of well-acted drama and enjoyable little character moments (like nearly every scene Quark ended up in).

Man, tough one here. Well, actually, I already know which one's the winner, and although it's close I also know it's going to be a contraversial choice. However, in terms of episode-against-episode, I feel TNG had the better one, for the sole reason of the Data-Lore storyline. It carries more emotional resonance with the viewer because these are characters the audience is far more invested into, whereas we've only just met Li Nalas. I do have to give much respect to Richard Beymer though; he did a remarkable job in making Nalas a sympathetic character in just a half-episode.

Weekly Winner:

TNG - Liaisons
DS9 - The Circle
DS9 Versus
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