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Re: John Connor's existence POLL

It could very easily have happened that way, but that's all gone now and we're stuck in the loop.

The question I have is, doesn't John have to send Kyle back before Skynet sends the T800? Otherwise, the machines would succeed and John Prime would never exist. Connor has to find the time machine before Skynet decides to use it. He's literally bound to do it. Skynet is also bound to make more Terminators before this is all over. We've seen a couple of them show up in the past. This would all have to be resloved at some point if there are going to be more movies.

Assuming John is successful in getting Kyle out in time, anything that happens after the T900 and the T-X (and any others I may not be aware of because I haven't watched all of SCC) are sent is outside the loop and thus fair game, especially if the break the time machine.

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