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Re: John Connor's existence POLL

That writeup makes a good amount of sense, works for me.

Has the added benefit of agreeing with most of what I was saying

One of the better parts of what he does is describing how they can do the "terminator goes back, and then the good guy goes back" scenario. Terminator fails to kill John, but accomplishes something else that John doesn't like. John then sends the good guy back NOT to save him (he's alive, therefore doesn't need saving in the past), but to protect Sarah.

Following his logic, T3 is still kinda tough to explain. In each case, Skynet has to fail at the main objectives, but still do something that John wants to prevent. In T3, what did the terminatrix accomplish that Brewster was trying to prevent? Has to be bad, but not so bad that it would wreck the rest of the future. Arnie is there to stop whatever that is, but could have screwed things up worse, because he tells John that he kills him prior to being sent back. Now John would be less likely to trust the T-800 that ended up killing him, so created another shitty loop where he DOESN'T get killed by Arnie, thus Brewster doesn't send him back, so he gets killed by Arnie, etc.

T3 was pretty much crap anyway, so not so worried...
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