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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

^^ All the sig really means is that after '79 I stopped liking Trek on a consistent basis. The franchise gradually changed/evolved into something different. Some of it I liked and much of it I didn't. There are parts of the movies I liked and many parts I didn't. There are TNG and early DS9 episodes I liked and much more I didn't. Goes without saying I didn't like anything about VOY, ENT, the TNG era films or the recent Trek XI. If you really want to get picky there were even some parts of TOS and TAS I wish had been done differently, but such is life.

Presently I'm catching some TNG and DS9 episodes being rerun on SPACE here in Canada after I get off work. Some is a little better than I remember and some not.
STAR TREK: 1964-1991, 2013-?
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