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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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As for the lack of drama in the early chapters, that's kind of what I wanted, in a way. (...) I wanted this one to be a change of pace, a more relaxed and laid-back tale. I wanted the characters (...) go to an interesting new place and tackle its scientific mysteries for a while before anything really dangerous happened.
Worked great for me! I loved the first hundred pages because the characters were exploring, guessing and solving little puzzles. Reminded me of the first chapters of "Orion's Hounds" which I also loved because of the feeling of exploration.

Personally, I'm sick of Star Trek saying "we're explorers" but we always get thrown into action-adventures. There have been very few truly exploration-episodes and thus I'm ever so grateful for Christopher's TITAN-novels! :-)

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As far as your comprehension goes, I'm in no position to judge that.
Not being a native speaker, I didn't understand all of those fish names and fish descriptions. But since grabbing a dictionary every ten seconds (when Christopher writes detailed pages about the sea life) isn't my idea of enjoying a book, I could live with the general feeling of "hey, that seems unusual but exciting".

And for the first time, I enjoyed all those alien characters on the ship. Now reading "Full Circle", I'm kinda bored that so many main characters aren't as alien as in TITAN.
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