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Re: Fri, 8pm Join the Resistance - Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles

Emo defeatism never got anyone anywhere. Unless you work for Fox, raising hands up before the fight has even begun is a sign ..well I do not want to say it directly.

If you never really liked the show, why not say so directly?

It is possible that tscc moves to a subscription-based channel, which is unfortunate but maybe necessary.

For the investors, the series is made in order to make money. So when it is shown, in some countries, in subscription channels which paid the most for the rights to show it, that is only good for the investors. Alas that also means that lots of people who would have loved the show will not see it. Same as with sports, it is shown by those who pay the most to show it. They are only looking after the profits, not the fans interest.

The Resistance needs Fighters! Join the Resistance! Viva La Resistance!
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