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Re: Amy Adams: Genre babe of the week #22 (May 2009)

Hint for the next GBOW (no direct answers, please):

"You're a con man?"
"Con artist. Flim flam man, matchstick man, loser. Whatever. Take your pick."
"And that guy Frank?"
"He's my partner. My protege..."
"Teach me something... "
"You're funny."
"Teach me something! A con."
"I'm not teaching you anything..."
"Why not?"
"Because your far too bright and innocent and beautiful and I'm not going to screw that up like everything else."
"You really think that? That I'm beautiful?"
"Well then why won't you. Because crime doesn't pay?"
"No it does. It does. Just not very well."
"Well you seem to be doing alright by it."
"I'm not. Believe me. It's no fun doing what I do. A lot of times it's stealing from people who don't deserve it. Old people. Fat people. Lonely. A lot of times I feel sick about it."
"Well then why do you do it?"
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