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Janeway refusing to let a little thing like child birth get in the way of captining her ship during some crisis is giving birth on the bridge during a space battle screaming for spreads of torpedoes between contractions, and every time the alien combatant captain tries to ring up and pose the usual threats, s/he just gets a face full of Janeway junior trying to claw it's way out.
You've been reading fanfiction!
I think he has, I don't really remember one where she gave birth on the bridge, there was one however where she was stuck in an inoperative turbo lift with Harry. Guess who had to deliver that baby.

There are those that say you cannot be an "Official J/C Fic Writer" unless you have written a "Resoultions" fic, a "Busted" fic and a "Turbolift" fic. I've written all three. I did get some flack about there being enough room in a turbolift to do what I had Janeway and Chakotay doing, but I figured as a child of the sixties, if you can do it in the back seat of a Volkswagen, you can do it anywhere.

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