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Re: "Terminator Salvation" ending POLL (Spoilers)

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^ True, but here's an add in.

The attack on Skynet in The Terminator took place at Cheyenne Mountain. The attack on Skynet in Terminator 2 was supposed to be after those events and took place in Los Angeles. Skynet apparently survived.
I think it was said in some book or something that LA was a fall back area. As in last stand. Last pocket of resistance. Once again, it sent the T-1000 back through time because it was desperate. Which is kind of the whole point behind the films. Skynet is about to lose so it tries something radical. It's clear as day that in all three movies it's meant to imply that humanity either had won or will win. Is it 100% sure? No. But it's about 95% sure. Neither Kyle, Uncle Bob, or Arnie 2.0 give any indication of anything different than that.

If humanity was going to lose they would have said or implied that.
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