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Re: "Terminator Salvation" ending POLL (Spoilers)

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Its never been proven canonly that Skynet has been defeated in any of the incarnations. The only time that you could potentially claim that it was defeated was in "The Terminator", but that timeline was overwritten by the subsequent films.
Yes, Kyle flat out said that Conner beat Skynet and it sent Arnold Part 1 back to 1984 as a last resort.

But they also showed a flashback/flash forward in Part 3, of John celebrating with his troops, with his victory over Skynet.

That's farr more proof and evidence then Skynet being the ultimate winner. The only victory Skynet ever got was Judgment Day. And going by Part 3's established canon, you can only hold off the pre-determined you can't completely change it. So Conner will always win. No matter what.

Conner is pre-destined to defeat Skynet. No matter what time line. Always was. Always will be. It's his character arc.
You do realize the winning scenes in T3 were not events in the future war but were his thoughts right? It's also clearly said in the film that John Connor died before the end of the war because he was shot and killed by T-850 (if you want to go by the expanded script it was while Connor was planning for the invasion of Skynet Command in his office at Resistance Headquarters). Mostow admitted that these scenes were filmed but were cut due to time constraints. There are no actual Future War scenes in the film, only John's thoughts on what it would look like.
But no where does it contradict Kyle's statement that The Resistance had basically won. And since pre-determined events cannot be changed, Humans beat Skynet.
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