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Re: "Terminator Salvation" ending POLL (Spoilers)

^And yet the only deleted scenes on the DVD are Schwarzenegger speaking with a badly dubbed southern accent as "Sgt. Candy."

DarKush wrote: View Post
Making him a cyborg adds an element of doubt, of fear, and perhaps even discovery that might have taken the Terminator franchise in a direction that really added something new to the Terminator franchise and made us see what came before in a different light instead of just playing in Cameron's, Hamilton's, and Arnold's sandbox, which isn't that bad since they constructed an awesome sandbox. It's just not that fresh.
McG peed in Cameron's sandbox!

Mr Light wrote: View Post
They just stuck Marcus' super duper pumper heart into Connor. Hopefully in the next movie Connor will be slightly stronger and faster than your aver-age bear.
In which case, who would win in a fight between John Connor post-heart transplant and Chev Chelios from the Crank movies?!
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