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Re: John Connor's existence POLL

If you just want to argue that it happens because of magic, and doesn't have to make any logical sense, why bother to argue your case at all? Just claim a wizard did it and be done with it. You can't "kinda" use the logic, though...

The loop CAN'T always be complete and closed, because it would never exist at all that way. Like a skipping record, you have to play through to a certain point before you hit the skipping part. You can keep repeating those couple seconds of song all you want, but you had to play the song to that point to GET it to skip.

Unless you want to change the argument to make this a random bubble of time, where nothing before 1984 or after 2018 exists, and it just loops on itself forever, created in that state? You're back to saying a wizard did it, though...
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