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Re: STXI DVD/Blu-ray special features wishlist

This would be my ideal Trek Blu-Ray

Disc 1: The Movie

Disc 2: The Extra's

Disc 3: The Robau files - an entire disc hosted by, featuring, starring and about captain Robau.
With the feature length documentary I, Robau, a comprehensive study of Robau, the man and the starfleet captain. Part genealogy documentary, part autobiography, this documentary will reveal everything you wanted to know about the shiniest captain in Starfleet.
Furthermore, learn what other well known Starfleet captains think of Captain Robau in The Captain's Summit, Robau Edition, a roundtable discussion hosted by Whoopi Goldberg.
The pilot episode of the new Trek television spin-off Robau: The Final Frontier, the first television show filmed entirely in flarevision.
You can also watch Star Trek with audio commentary by Robau himself, or a PIP track with facts, photo's and additional footage of Robau. Learn that Robau wasn't in fact killed in the opening minutes of the new movie but that he actually fled the Narada by disguising himself as an alien called Keenser and landing on a nearby ice planet.

"No bla bla bla!" - Captain James T. Kirk
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