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Re: John Connor's existence POLL

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No you don't. The original time line has the time travel in it! That's the whole point of the closed loop... there wasn't a starting point, never a timeline where the event didn't happen. Everything is completely consistent. You might as well be saying that you need to account for the timeline where WW2 didn't happen... it doesn't make sense. It always happened.

Going only by the first movie, it was a closed time loop. Connor created himself and that's always what happened and what always will happen. It is the original and only series of events.
The original CAN'T have time travel in it, though, as the time travel event doesn't happen until 2018 (or insert date here). By definition, if the 1984 timeline has time travel in it, it's NOT the original timeline anymore. You can call it the first itteration of the closed loop if you like, but there has to be a situation that brings the time travel about in the first place. Easy to set up the closed loop once you begin it, but you have to get to 2018 without time travel in order to travel back in time...
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