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Seamless branching / release date rumors

Seamless branching
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That was done for the first X-Men DVD. The added/deleted scenes had the X logo down in the corner.
a clarification:
X-MEN (2000 DVD)
in an "extended branching" mode, where they'll appear at the appropriate time when playing the movie (but it's not seamless - think the "follow the white rabbit" feature from The Matrix).

The Abyss Special Edition (2000 DVD)
Thanks to the magic of seamless branching on DVD, you can watch both the original theatrical version of the film, and the 28-minute longer special edition, on one dual-layered disc. You simply choose which version you want at the start from the main menu

Has anyone heard a possible release date for the dvd/blu-ray?
this TrekBBS thread.
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