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An Unexpected Encounter (May '09 Challenge)

Star Trek: An Unexpected Encounter (A May '09 Trekbbs Challenge Fanfiction)
11 December 2258
USS Enterprise NCC 1701 On the edge of Federation space
Captain James T. Kirk, youngest captain in Starfleet’s history, entered the sickbay. “Welcome Captain; Doctor McCoy will be here shortly. He had to attend to a crewperson who had sprained an elbow in the ship’s gym,” a young nurse said.

Kirk was there for his overdue physical. McCoy had been annoying him about it for a month. “All crewmembers need to have their physicals, including the captain,” he said.

“What is your name?” he asked the nurse. He had met most of his crew but there were still many whom he was not familiar with.
“Chapel. Christine Chapel,” she said.
“A pretty name,” he said, winking at her.
“She isn’t interested Jim.” He turned. Somehow McCoy had entered the sickbay without his noticing.
“How do you know that?” Kirk asked.
“I have heard that she joined Starfleet to look for her lost fiancé,” Bones said.

“Really?” Jim asked. ‘She looks lonely,’ he thought.
“That is what I heard. Anyway I am a Doctor, not a matchmaker. Besides it is time for your physical,” Bones said. Kirk noticed that Chapel had gone whilst he and McCoy were talking.
“Let’s get it over with,” Kirk said.

Chapel sat down in McCoy’s office. She did not show it but she was upset. She did not expect the Captain of the ship to be hitting on her. ‘I am faithful Roger, and I will find you,’ she thought.
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