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Re: Roddenberry Prods. docu. series from 500 hours of BTSover 20 years

While I'm flattered, I'm sure it must have already been picked up by as a TrekToday news item. It's more than ten headlines back that's all. The DS9 crowd have also got very excited about it in this thread.

From the perspective of somebody who's dabbled with fan-edits and tribute videos, that's a mind boggling amount of material. How much of it could be genuine cut or alternate scenes I wonder. I'd be half tempted to construct a narrative around so much unseen footage. Something more epic given it crisscrosses TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT, than a clip-show like Shades of Gray. Remember Star Trek's only one done during the second season of TNG?

I'm very excited about this project as a documentary nevertheless and Rod Roddenberry being given the reins of an official Star Trek production.
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