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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
I think it's counter-productive to drive a wedge between "true Trekkies" and other people. So what if jocks and cheerleaders, uninformed co-workers, and your clueless sister-in-law think they like STAR TREK now? Cool. It was never meant to be an exclusive club.

None of us enjoyed being persecuted in high school, but claiming our persecution as a badge of honor, to the extent that we resent outsiders for sharing our interests isn't helping any. We need to reach out to the whole wide world, not drive them away by claiming they're not Trekkie enough . . . .

Nobody "deserves" to like STAR TREK more than anyone else.

And, on a slight differently issue, claiming that anyone who doesn't agree with you regarding the new movie isn't a real Trekkie is just silly. I mean, there are Trekkies out there who like THE FINAL FRONTIER. That boggles my mind, but I would never question their fannish credentials. There is no official "party line" where STAR TREK is concerned.
I agree with all of this. To me, it makes no difference whatsoever. Whether you want to call yourself a Trekkie/Trekker or refuse to have any label attatched to your interest in the franchise, it doesn't matter one bit. We're ALL Star Trek fans in the end, regardless of the degree.
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