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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

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Hi everyone! My name is Jeremiah, you can just call me Jux. I became a fan after watching STXI. Now I'm watching the Star Trek Original series! It's awesome!
Hey Jux, Welcome!

What is it about Star Trek that you like so much?

How many episodes have you watched so far?
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! The entertainment value of the movie is what drew me in at first. It just looked really fun to watch! I then looked into TOS and I just loved how awesome the stories are and how cool things look! I've just been zooming through the episodes!

I just finished watching "The Conscience of The King" so I guess I've seen 13.
what'd you think of that ep?

you know Tarsus IV is probably no longer one of the formative experiences in Jim Kirk's young life. instead, he is shaped by his father's death.

interesting stuff.
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