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Re: Indian Stealer?

kathy kept her legs shut. it was the prrpper thing to do.

Though in basics when the proper thing no longer mattered, when he was literally the last man on the planet, she still didn't care to invite him fro a bit of slap and tickle because unfortunately Chuckles was not he last primate on the rock they'd been marooned on.

Seven was a child to raise more so than a lover to love, because the man that wanted to love her wasn't allowed to give her a child of her own to love.

I think Seska did her best work when she was up the duff.

Didn't detract from the lady or make the villainess seem weak in the slightest.

The most horrid image just sprang into my head.

Janeway refusing to let a little thing like child birth get in the way of captining her ship during some crisis is giving birth on the bridge during a space battle screaming for spreads of torpedoes between contractions, and every time the alien combatant captain tries to ring up and pose the usual threats, s/he just gets a face full of Janeway junior trying to claw it's way out.

"Sorry, um, yeah. Well... We'll come back in an hour or two and continue trying to kill you then, right,. Oh. Bye."

Personally I assumed that Chakotay continued to have some business on the side with Marla Gilmor.
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