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Re: The Doctor Who primer

Jim Steele wrote: View Post
I always thought this show was right up your alley, J. Glad to hear you like it!


Well, I avoided it all the way up until now. Not particularly by choice, but by necessity. We see Dr. Who episodes on late night PBS showings here, and very sporadically. I didn't want to watch one episode and get hooked only to find that the next episode would be 5 weeks later at 4 AM on a PBS station that was so grainy you couldn't make out people from background.

Yeah, the theme is very catchy.

The wrote: View Post
Welcome to the fold, J.Allen! As a fellow Who enthusiast, I would enthusiastically advise you to watch "Season One" from 2005, starring Christopher Eccleston as the 9th incarnation of The Doctor. It will give you a better idea of, not only how versatile Doctor Who is, but how he meets Rose Tyler (as you say, the smoking hot Billie Piper).

Indeed I will. I found them on Netflix this morning, the 3rd season and the 1st season with Christopher Eccleston. I will watch those, too.

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J. Allen wrote: View Post
Messianni wrote: View Post

J, did you go right into the Tenth Doctor's episodes or have you watched any of Christopher Eccleston's season?
I've only watched the ones with David Tennant, so Tenth Doctor only.
Aww, you should watch the Ninth Doctor as well, I think you'd like those stories. I know that's also available for Instant Streaming on Netflix.

Besides, you get another 13 episodes of Billie Piper. I personally liked her more with the Ninth than with the Tenth.
We'll have to see (about the Ninth Doctor, not Billie Piper. I already know I like her. ). David Tennant has a lot of charisma and stage presence. However, the stories look like they're a lot of fun so I've no doubt I will enjoy that.

I also found some classic episodes of Dr. Who on Netflix's Instant Streaming and will be checking those out to get a taste of the more classic stuff.

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