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Re: Karl Urban -- blond or brunette?

Jeri wrote: View Post
We watched LOTR:Return of the King again yesterday, and there are some nice shots and some dialog from Karl Urban's character, Eomer.

So, do you prefer McCoy's dark looks or Eomer's, such as in this picture? He looks pretty fetching.


or this one, from the Two Towers
this damn network at work is preventing me from linking to his pics there.

I like him dark though

so, ladies, was there a moment in Trek when he appeared extra delicious to you?

mine was right after the decimation of Vulcan, in Sickbay, when we see Sarek talking to the elders, and Kirk on the right side of the screen. the camera focuses on McCoy walking up to a Vulcan elder with his medical tricorder. I had a sudden warm feeling come all over me riiight at that point, and I said to myself: mm... niiiiice.

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