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Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Remake... Without Joss

This sounds awesome... ly shit

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Whoever came up with this idea should go back and watch what the Kuzuis came up with the last time they tried to do a Buffy movie.

If this is true it really sums up the supreme laziness in Hollywoodland. Remaking Star Trek (as in TOS) I can understand as it was 40 years ago it was on TV, and over 15 years since the last TOS movie. Whereas BTVS only started 12 years ago, ended only 6, and its its spinoff 5 years ago. And it's still going with Joss via the comics.
And there was that recent thing of redoing BSG as a movie. Jesus, do people today have the memories of goldfish or something? Next they'll be saying "let's remake Lost!" Let's remake Heroes!"
Fucking joke

btw, SMG is probably preparing for her baby right now, 4 months pregnant

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