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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Message in a Bottle (****)

I know that many people think that Voyager getting in contact with Earth was a mistake, and I agree that it was in the later seasons when they were in constant contact with Starfleet, but I'm not going to fault this episode because I know this is only going to be a temporary affair. It is nice that there is finally an episode where Voyager gets a chance to contact Earth which does not end in a disappointing failure. I may be cruel, but I still want this crew to succeed sometimes.

This episode is fun, Shmully's interactions with Mark II makes for some good comedy, and the eventual battle with the Romulans is pretty cool. It isn't groundbreaking drama by any means but there is a charm to this episode I find impossible to deny and I must admit it is one of the few Voyager episodes I have rewatched over the years.
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