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Re: The Art of Star Trek: Reanimated - The Sequel

Inspired by Redfern's post above, I've started 'upgrading' alt1701's already-excellent engineering set to what I'm calling the '4th season'; this is the direction I hope to take the set for "The Time Trap," even though the scene which takes place here is a short one. As with the modification to the bridge (the MSD over the engineering station), these changes assume a 4th season with an expanded budget; in a way, it's also a response to Trek XI - rather than relabeling a brewery as 'engineering,' I thought it would be an interesting exercise to start with the right set, and add a bit more mechanical detailing to it, so that the pipes and catwalks actually related to familiar areas and weren't just there to look like a lot of, well, pipes and catwalks. This is just a WIP, not the finished piece, but it's an idea of how this room might've looked if Matt Jefferies had been tasked with making it look a little more 'industrial.' (the lighting, btw, is only for mood, not for actual use )

The bulk of the set is still alt1701's, but I've replaced the bulkhead, ceiling and the central island (which now has some additional detail, as well, as evidenced by this short AVI), as well as adding the various pipes and conduits above and below, breaking through the floor so that the island is now clearly part of a system that continues below-deck, and adding the 'tower' that continues up through the ceiling. I still need to build the framework for the catwalk, add a monitoring station at the end of it (there's got to be some reason for it to be there, right ?), and open up the upper decks where the catwalk stairs connect; there's also the entire forward section to detail. But it's a start!
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