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Star Trek TNG Remastered & resolutions

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I would get a jump on future technology and do everything in 4K. The scanning process would be more time consuming and storage intensive but a larger, downsampled source would look better on blu-ray and you would have the source material on hand for future re-release down the road when 4K cinema resolution is common in the home.
TNG was created for a 525-line interlaced resolution master. All departments knew the limits of the resolution at the time of production and could hide visual problems due to this.
TOS was retelecined to HD at 1080/24p . TNG episodes are NOT going to be telecined at 4K. Only A-list feature films are given the 4K full treatment since 2004's Spiderman 2 which was the first all-4K pipeline Hollywood feature release. Scanning a TV series at 4K and downsampling to 2K for a Blu-ray release is really not worth the additional cost for a 22-year old TV show. It is not going to be projected on a 80-foot screen for 99 percent of the audience to see additional detail. I find it highly unlikely that 1960s-2005 Star Trek TV series would be sold higher than 1080 resolution in any future consumer video format.
If a new TV series in 2012 were shot on a 4K digital camera that is a different story for future releases of TV series. At that resolution it gets very difficult to hide makeup edges of appliances/layers for live-action aliens.

Hober Mallow wrote:
If Paramount can find a way to do entire seasons, they'll sell entire seasons. It's just finding a way to make it practical and cost effective.
This is key. I think they will dip their toe in the water to test customer response not with Season 1 (which was a weak season in terms of fan favorites, plots, visual effects) as Trek fans most likely would not want to double dip (DVD/Blu-ray) on a remastered season 1 TNG as their first remastered TNG series Blu-ray. Sure it would look MUCH better than season 7 visually but as far as Paramount/CBS marketing a season 1 Blu-ray of TNG it is a harder sell than a fan collective of TNG.
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