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Re: Dollhouse renewed?

I finished the season 2 days ago (burned through it in 3 days) and I liked it more than I expected and you can tell when FOX got there fat asses out of Whedon's show because while the first 6 episodes were good (1 stinker the Vault episode) the last 6 episodes were much much better.

I like the action, humor and the characters are growing on me (loved the virus ep that made them all kids and the laser tag scenes). The plots are getting better ans the whole mythology of the show has been done really well, I especially like the public being asked about Dollhouse.

Look forward to season 2 though I think it will be canned due to FOX's refusual to move the show though the fall could help as Fall fridays do better than mideseason fridays. Also keep the show as 13 episodes I don't want 22 (Joss do cable).
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