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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
WOW! Beautiful work! Watching this with great anticipation. I tried doing something similar w/ Virtus WalkThrough back in 1995, but the technology wasn't there yet. Only managed to get the Bridge done w/ the "B" & "C" decks and main engineering. You've definitely gone leaps and bounds beyond my efforts and it looks fantastic. Will this eventually be interactive (working turbolifts, doors, collision detection, etc.) for a full-experience walk-thru?
I may be able to build the actual models, but I have a LONG way to go towards learning Rendering and Animation - though I do have a friend who is willing to do some high-quality texture mapping / rendering. I'll be sending him the model when I finish the secondary hull - probably sometime next month.

Praetor wrote: View Post
Wow, so how easy is it going to be to slice out the parts that don't fit?
Blisteringly easy. I've been out of town for a few days, but got back to the ship tonight. I have the bottom half of the hull done already, reference the pics farther down.

Firebird wrote: View Post
WOW! These new renders are making me salivate!

Nicely done.
Thank you. Now, if I can only manage to import this to a high-quality rendering program....

Since I have been out of town since my last post, I didn't get to see reactions until tonight. I have made some progress, and have divided the hull into manageable slices. I wound up shortening T and U decks by about 1/3 each, making them fit much better into the hull. The downside is that the Botanical Garden is not as tall as I originally had hoped it would be.

I have lain out a partial rib-plan for each deck (extrapolated from the ring-ribs on a 2-m spacing). For visibility sake, I only am showing the starboard ribs, and the starboard hull. I did decide to do away with the pool on T-deck, and am making that into a standard Gym.

I have had to toss out some of the lifeboats. Those that remain, the shafts extend to the hull, where "blow out" panels will allow them to exit the ship. I note that in doing the support framing around the intermix chamber I wound up with that on the wrong layer, so that rib is not visible on this wireframe, but I caught that in time to include it in the render that follows:

Several of the corridors did not fit well orthogonally, so I wound up setting them on angles. It is not evident from this image, but the forward most corridors are NOT running straight fore-aft.
I'll probably get the remainder of the secondary hull fitting done in the next day or so, and then I'll be in position to finish the framing. I will then go back and install the windows/portholes and the docking ports. Before I finish the uppermost decks and framing I will have to build out the neck and nacelle pylons - so that I can put in the requisite structures to support them.
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