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Re: Dollhouse renewed?

I'm pleased to hear Dollhouse is getting a few more eps to show it's worth. Actually when I saw ep.1 I was pretty thrilled -This show looked very interesting and with a enorumors potential for storytelling. Then came episode 2-5
2: Target; The one with the hunter who likes to hun humans...boring stuff.
3: Stage Fright; Horrible episode made me forget the whole thing for 5 weeks.
4: Gray Hour; Somehow I managed to forget episode 3 and saw this, I was not very impressed. And wrote the show off.
5: True Believer; One dull evening I decided to watch this ep anyway -and I'm glad I did. It turned out OK, it was not really good or anything, but not painfull to watch So I decided to give the show a fair chance of 10 eps.

After ep 6 (Man on the Street) I was hooked, I just loved the November tvist

So in my opinion this show needed to find its footing and direction of story with the cast. I think they found it and i'm looking forward to learn more about the dolls and their puppeteers.
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