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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Waking Moments (*)

Once again we have a group of aliens who want to kill the crew of Voyager for some reason. The episode suggests at one point that they might be doing it to protect themselves from invaders, but later in the episode we find out that their planet is well hidden and can only be found because of the fact that they are sending the magic sleeping beam to Voyager. That's not the smartest tactic for a group of isolationists, they may as well put up a sign telling people where to find them.

The first part of the episode is interesting and somewhat fun, and there is some good scenes such as Tuvok trying not to talk about his naked dream, but once the aliens turn evil the show becomes very generic. There is a lot of potential at the beginning of the episode and it is a big pity that the second half becomes so uninteresting.

And it could have been done on TNG.
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