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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

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Actually Tentacle I was picked on a great deal, so much so that I missed a year of school because of the extreme stress of it. However I do not live in those experiences and am not threatened by swathes of jocks liking this film. I do not assume they are all automatically bullies.
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Maybe I would have felt like you if I was still 14 and suddenly Trek became trendy, but I don't live in my classically Trek-outsider adolescence. You may look at this differently in the years to come.
Well if trek became trendy on its own merits, then I would be alot more accepting of the new people. But this new trek is a dumbed down version, for me to be associated with the people that love the dumb trek, is like me going along with what is cool and conforming to what's trendy.

But if you average "jock" or your prom queen wants to come aboard, I'm all for it, but I reserve the right too look down my noses at them. Until they prove to me that they have the capacity to change and grow.
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