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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

S1 Tally:

This is how the Tally works:

-Since the shows didn't (and won't) always go head-to-head each week, a solo outing will win a week by default. This is tallied in a Solo column.

-In another column is where I tallied the Against weeks, where direct comparison between the episodes occur; whichever show won the match-up in that particular week gets a point.

Thus, out of 24 weeks...

Solo Weeks:
DS9: 9
TNG: 5

Against Weeks:
TNG: 5
DS9: 4
B5: 1

DS9 having more solo weeks isn't much of a surprise since they started airing episodes in January, which is typically mid-season; so, there'd be fewer weeks for re-runs, despite two episodes shy of a regular season. It's actually somewhat surprising, then, that TNG had as many solo weeks as they did. Season finale aside (plus everything before DS9 premiered, which I didn't count), that's a full month of episodes TNG got to strut its stuff on its own.

Going up against TNG, however, DS9 didn't really stand much of a chance. Almost all of its best episodes were aired during solo weeks (er, along with a couple of its worst too); in fact, there were only two instances where you had DS9's best going up against TNG's best, which came with split results; and only one instance of a DS9 episode clearly beating out a TNG one (Captive Pursuit against Ship In A Bottle). Half of DS9's score could have gone the other way too, as those were victories decided on 'meh' episodes. Bottom line is TNG clearly had a stronger season compared to DS9, which sadly couldn't have done DS9 any favors in the short term. Watching a spin-off series wouldn't have been too appealing to a general audience if the Main Series was clearly the supierior.

As for the lone B5 victory, well, that was just a one-off pilot movie, and not worth delving into here; its impact on DS9's first season is negligable. Still, I wonder if my perspective is less than pure considering I have the redone version of The Gathering, not the one that originally aired.

So, in conclusion of S1, you had a few good rounds in ya', DS9, but TNG was The Champ going in, and is leaving the ring for this season still The Champ. Don't sweat it though, kid; you didn't do too bad for a rookie. There's always next season.

Season Winner

Season Premiers
TNG - Descent Part II
DS9 - The Homecoming
DS9 Versus
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