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Re: Your favorite Trek chick, take 2

Sorry, T'Pring is #1. LOL

Spock is running around the galaxy with this nitwit human and the nitwit human is in charge. But all of the time he has this hot babe back on Vulcan that nobody knows about. But she has her own agenda. She had no way of knowing Spock would bring Kirk but she creates a situation where she gets what she wants no matter what.

I picked the Sissy James Kirk as my champion, and he accepted while being unaware that the fight was to be to the death. I reasoned that if Spock won, he would reject me for having chosen another, and I would have Stonn. If Kirk won and killed Spock (yeah right and monkeys might fly out of my butt), he would not want me, and I would still have Stonn. I'm a princess so it's all about me. My plans to be free of Stonn have recently come to fruition and once again, Spock, unbeknownst to him fell into my trap.

Dragonladies are too cool but you need to figure out whose side they are on. LOL

I really couldn't stand Kirk and Spock was an Uncle Tom Tom alien. The Mirror Spock was really cool when he told Kirk he had orders to kill him.

Spock: T'Pring ...
T'Pring: Specify.
Spock: Why the challenge?
And why you chose my captain as your champion?
T'Pring: Stonn wanted me. I wanted him.
Spock: I see no logic in preferring Stonn over me.
T'Pring: You have become much known among our people, Spock.
Almost a legend.
And as the years went by, I came to know that I did not want --
to be the consort of a legend.
But by the laws of our people,
I could only divorce you by the Kal-if-fee.
There was also Stonn who wanted very much to be my consort.
And I wanted him.
If your Captain were victor,
he would not want me, so I would have Stonn.
If you were victor, you would free me ...
because I had dared to challenge,
and again I would have Stonn.
But if you did not free me,
it would be the same for you would be gone.
And I would have your name and your property,
and Stonn would still be there.
Spock: Logical --
flawlessly logical.
T'Pring: I am honored.
Spock: Stonn ...
she is yours.
After a time ...
you may find that having ...
is not so pleasing a thing after all ...
as wanting.
It is not logical,
but it is often true.

Spock sounds kind of lame at the end. Ye olde Vulcan sour grapes?

Live Long & Suffer

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