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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

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The point is really, who cares? What's the point of having to pass some qualifying test to use the term "trekkie"? Why does it bother anyone to have someone use that term when they have spent less time in the fandom than others? It's not like they are saying, "oh, I'm a pilot" and you need to see credentials before you get in the plane.

Plenty of people call themselves trekkies who are pretty much one series people. A whole generation is TNG besotted and kind of meh on everything else. People call themselves trekkies and have not seen entire series of Trek. Now I'm a Trek-Omnivore, I have seen and enjoyed all Trek and own most Trek. Often I meet people IRL who identify as Trekkies and want to talk about how wonderful it is.. and for them it begins and ends with TNG. They have not watched DS9 or VOY and maybe not even heard of ENT. I don't care. They can call themselves trekkies if they like and I can talk TNG with them. I'm not there to GRADE them on their trekness ffs.
You do not understand because you have not suffered the stigma of being called a trekkie. I have no problems with people coming out and saying they like trek or even call themselves a trekkie. But dont turn around and ridicule those that love trek for what it was, and suffered for their love, and in my case bleed for it.

If you do not see the irony of the reformed "jocks", the born again trekkie bashing the trekkies that have bore the stigma. Then your ignorance amuses me.
The stigma, the bleeding.. dude if you are being martyred for Trek then you are in an abusive situation that has nothing to do with Trek. If this is happening in your school and the authorities within that school can't do anything about it, or you fear talking to them, you should consider calling some kind of hotline. We have them in my country for teens and you can get legal advice about how to deal with an abusive situation.

Causing bleeding is ASSAULT and punishable by law. If someone hit me because I was a trekkie or gay or not-cool or ANYTHING I would be calling the police and pressing charges. Ideally a person in authority would do it for you but if that's not possible remember you can do it yourself.

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