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that's a disgusting way to behave nad i find it hard to believe she'd be showing that much at three months anyway. (one wonders how far off the wedding is to know how big she'd be...) but it's really harsh. i'd be more concerned about whether the bridesmaid was going to be able to get there if she couldn't fly...
They said that during the wedding she would be about 6 months pregnant.

And I definitely agree about the dreaming about every detail of the wedding thing. The bride even said that, that she had been dreaming of the details since she was a little girl and this would just ruin her plans.

One of the hosts said, "If you expect your wedding to go as perfectly as your dreams then you better not invite any guests. People have free will and they will do things that you did not plan." Of course when anyone tried to inject any such logic the bride was just quiet and then started complaining about her friend again.
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