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Re: Unbelievable

John Picard wrote: View Post
Bridezilla stories are funny. The true inner bitch comes out. Then again, little girls are molded (by Western society) that THEIR wedding day is THEIR day and all about HER.
I made sure to counter this when planning my wedding by pointing out that it was my day, everything should be about me and I was the star attraction. It soon settled the Bridezilla aspect of things and let us focus on the important stuff... the getting married part.

Babaganoosh wrote: View Post
Normally I would say that show ideas like this really sound like sick shit, but in this case it served the greater good by pointing out what a complete and utter waste of human protoplasm this bride is.
...and that pretty much sums up my thoughts on that. Sure, it's a big day and you might be allowed to get a little obsessed - but thats a level of selfshness that, if that were my bride to me, I'd walk away from.
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