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Re: Why no IDW comics with ENT, DS9 or VOY?

ToddKent wrote: View Post
I wonder what the issue is?
With Bakula's likeness approvals?

Obviously he signed a contract with additional clauses, perhaps giving him likeness approvals of his drawn image in internal art of comics, and on cover art of tie-ins. Imagine if a comic was ready to roll, and he rejected certain panels. To ensure he was happy, the approvals might need to happen at pencils stage, and then inking stage, lest the whole thing need to be done again from scratch. This additional time, and the potential for revisions, back and forth, back and forth, might make getting an "Enterprise" comic out on time not worth the effort.

Had ENT been a huge success, there would be more likelihood of plenty of profit to make the additional time and legalities worthwhile. Sounds like Bakula had a good agent!

Each of the actors have different approvals, and they've used their "power" to influence some tie-ins over the years. eg. Playmates forgot to get a TMP trading card of Spock approved once, so he vetoed it being included with his 4.5" action figure. Le Var Burton rejected an action figure (only he and Patrick Stewart get to approve their TNG action figures, IIRC) because it had the wrong hair style. Patrick Stewart didn't sign off on an Applause figural mug, so he's the only TNG character not represented. Gates McFadden wanted some kind of approval re images used in trading cards, and didn't get it in her contract, so she can be testy about signing them, but she'll sign other material. And so on.
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