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I heard something on the radio this morning that I found to be completely ridiculous and unbelievable. I wish I had an audio clip for you guys to hear but I will just have to explain it to you.

A local station called 107.9 The End (operates from Sacramento, CA) has a morning show where they sometimes do a little program called the Lie Detector. Basically someone calls them wanting to know the truth about something from a friend, significant other, etc., so the radio show calls that friend, pretends to be someone else, and tries to get at the truth. It can get pretty uncomfortable sometimes (though not as bad as their War of the Roses, where they try to catch significant others cheating).

So this morning (actually I think it first aired Thursday morning), a woman called in and said that she is set to be a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding and that she is 3 months pregnant. Her friend lives across the country and didn't know about the pregnancy. This caller heard from one of the other bridesmaids that the future bride had once been to a wedding with her and said all these comments about how ugly pregnant bridesmaids are and how they ruin weddings, and she would never want one in her own wedding.

The caller basically wanted to know if the future bride really felt this way. She had been wanting to surprise her with the pregnancy but now she wasn't so sure.

So the morning show hosts call the future bride and say that they are from the dress shop and that one of the other bridesmaids is pregnant so her dress needs to be altered. She FLIPPED OUT. She was so pissed. You could tell she was trying to be nice to the shop person, but she was so upset.

Then, they come back on the phone and tell her the truth, that actually it was her other bridesmaid who was pregnant and that she did this to see how she felt. The bridesmaid is on the phone now too. The bride says, "Are you really pregnant?" And the bridesmaid says yes.

Now, what you expect is for the bride to apologize for being rude, to say congratulations, something like that. No. Instead she says, "How can you do this to me?! This is MY wedding, MY day, why would you ruin it like this?!"

The hosts and bridesmaid are just stunned. They ask her what is so wrong about a pregnant bridesmaid. The bride goes on and on about how the bridesmaid will look fat in pictures and it will completely ruin her memories because the day is supposed to be all about her, "not some fat lady standing off to the side whose ugly belly we have to hide."

The friend is in tears, saying aren't you happy for me, this is my first child, etc. But the bride just keeps yelling at her and telling her that she's a bitch for getting pregnant during her wedding. I am not exaggerating. In fact the call sounds even worse than I can describe here.

The bride then goes on for a while about how her friend got pregnant right now ON PURPOSE, just to ruin her wedding. The bride says "you're a huge attention hog and I bet you'll be so happy when everyone is looking at you instead of me. You just had to make this all about you."

The radio hosts end it there and the bride hangs up. The friend is crying and upset and says she can't believe it.

Neither can I! What a total and complete bitch! I can kind of understand how she might see it as an inconvenience at times or it's not exactly how she pictured it in her mind. But it is a GOOD thing. The happiness of her friend having her first child should FAR outweigh her strange desire to have a pregnant free wedding.

How can she even think that way?! I don't get it, it is just so messed up. And then to tell the friend that she got pregnant on purpose just to ruin her wedding. Fucking ridiculous.

What do you all think?
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