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Re: Alternate ending to the episode where neelix leaves

My alternate ending of this episode: Neelix walks down the corridor, walks into the transporter room, walks up to the transporter and just when they are about to beam him down to that asteroid he says: "No, this doesn't feel right. My duties are here and so are my best friends too. I promised Captain Janeway that I would stay by her side and I will do it. Tell them down there that I have changed my mind. I'm staying!

Then he walks up to Tuvok, gives him a hug and says: "Mr Vulcan! Tonight I'm gonna cook the best Ploomek Soup you've ever tasted!"

Tuvok looks as he is about to be executed and the last thing we see is when Neelix tries to drag a reluctant Tuvok out of the transporter room.
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