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Re: *~Star Trek Books FAQ Latest Edition~*

for the comics list

IDW Publishing
-- TNG: The Space Between (Jan-Jun 2007, available in trade pb)
-- TOS: Klingons: Blood Will Tell (Apr-Aug 2007, available in trade pb)
-- TOS: IDW Focus On: Star Trek (Jul 2007)
-- TOS: Year Four (Jul-Dec 2007, available in trade pb)
-- TOS/TNG: Alien Spotlight (Sep 2007-Feb 2008, available in trade pb)
-- TNG: Intelligence Gathering (Jan-May 2008, available in trade pb)
-- NF: Turnaround (Mar-Jul 2008, available in trade pb)
-- TOS: Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment (Apr-Aug 2008, available in trade pb)
-- TOS: Assignment: Earth (May-Sep 2008, available in trade pb)
-- TOS: Mirror Images (Jul-Nov 2008, available in trade pb, Mirror Universe tie-in)
-- TOS: Romulans: The Hollow Crown (Sep-Oct 2008)
-- TNG: The Last Generation (Nov 2008-Mar 2009, Myriad Universes tie-in)
-- TOS/TNG: Countdown (Jan-Apr 2009, available in trade pb, Star Trek XI prequel)
-- TOS: Crew (Mar-Jul 2009)
-- TOS: Mission's End (Mar-Jul 2009)
-- TOS/TNG: Alien Spotlight (Mar-Aug 2009)
-- TOS: The Wrath of Kahn (Jun-Jul 2009)
-- TOS: Spock: Reflections (Jul-Aug 2009)
-- IDW is also publishing trade paperback reprints of DC, Marvel, and Malibu Star Trek comics

-- TOS: Shinsei Shinsei (Sep 2006, trade pb)
-- TOS: Kakan ni Shinkou (Sep 2007, trade pb)
-- TOS: Uchu (Jul 2008, trade pb)
-- TNG: Boukenshin (Apr 2009, trade pb)
-- Tokyopop also published a collection of stories from the three TOS books

-- Star Trek: When Worlds Collide (May 2009, Star Trek XI prequel)

GIT Corporation
-- Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection on DVD-ROM, 1967-2005 (Sep 2008)
-- Star Trek: Movie Comic Book Collection on CD-ROM (May 2009, subset of complete collection)
Star Trek Comics Checklist

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